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ADARA's data, technology and services deliver critical intelligence that drives personalization and relevance throughout the customer journey for sustainable growth

MRI Media is the exclusive partner for ADARA in APAC and EMEA

Founded in 2012

Palo Alto, United States

ADARA is the leading data technology company that specialises in travel data by collecting search, booking and loyalty data from over 300 international travel partners including airlines, hospitality groups, online travel agents (OTAs), meta websites and GDS platforms, offering visibility of over 1 Billion monthly users. ADARA offers an unrivalled view on international travel for data enhancement and analytics opportunities, in addition to offering marketers the ability reach audiences searching or booking to a destination, in real-time, with total precision. 

Products and services:

  • Display and video media

  • Social media (Facebook)

  • Search engine marketing

  • Travel data analytics

  • Data as a service (Daas) including CRM / DMP enrichment and platform personalisation

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Media opportunity:

The difficulty for travel brands is to reach qualified audiences that are showing intent. These potential customers are invisible unless if they decide to visit your website and almost impossible to accurately reach using third party data segments. If a potential customer visits an airline or OTA website searches for a hotel in Bangkok, ADARA can target this customer in real-time and within 20 seconds of making the first search with an advertisement for a product or service relevant to the customer for prospecting performance. The result = qualified leads and ROI.

First party data v third party data

You might be familiar with data segments on Google or Facebook. These are third party data of estimated match based on look-a-like modelling. Let's say someone in the UK is searching for Thai food, Google or Facebook may predict this person wants to travel to Thailand. ADARA instead uses first party deterministic data for people that are actually seeking travel. More accurate = better results.

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Please contact us for the latest presentation deck or more information. 

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