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With 100M active monthly users (1.5M in Thailand), Skyscanner is a leading flight and travel search platform that is continuously growing to offer innovative customer and partner solutions

Founded in 2003

Headquarters in London, United Kingdom

Products and services:

  • Display and native media

  • Custom / branded content solutions 

Reach customers as they are seeking travel with various solutions to promote your brand on the Skyscanner platform. With 100M active monthly users and 90M application downloads (and growing!), there is no better place to communicate with your target audience. 

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Advertising solutions:

  • Native In-Line

  • Native In-Line Itinerary

  • Native Dynamic

  • Standard Banners

  • Homepage Partner Highlight

Advertisements can be targeted by route, geo, travel class, pax and travel dates.

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Content Hub:

  • Commissioned Articles

  • Deals Amplification

  • Branded Search Bar / Route List

  • Responsive across desktop & mobile

  • Social & CRM Extensions

Please contact us for the latest presentation deck or more information. 

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