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Urban Skyline

Renowned content-based media for custom online stories and print advertorials to what is happening in the worlds of health and science, politics, business, society and entertainment.

Products and Services:

  • Branded Articles

    • Each article will feature an article written by a TIME editor in collaboration with client utilizing the look and feel of TIME editorial content​.

  • Native Promo Units

    • High-impact units are placed across to drive traffic to the article pages. Designed with the look and feel of promotional units that drive to editorial content. Optimized with algorithms to serve the best images, headlines, and descriptions to targeted users.​

  • Digital Content Promotion : Amplify Social

    • Trusted social handles will be used to drive engagement with the content to select targeted audiences. Platforms include: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter​.

  • Digital Content Promotion : Display Units

    • Display Units are placed across sites to drive to content or client websites.​

  • Print Extension on TIME Magazine

    • Extending the international digital campaign and repurposing the article for print inside TIME (Worldwide, ASEAN, APAC etc) for impactful messaging.​

Please contact us for the latest presentation deck or more information. 

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